The Aspire Tech Conference provides the ideal setting for sports technology professionals and the technology industry to come together to discuss specific challenges facing the sports industry and the opportunities for innovation. The forum also provides attendees with an abundance of networking opportunities not only with technology professionals but also with peers and practitioners in various sports domains including sports science, sports medicine etc.

The sports industry is being disrupted by technology in numerous ways and at an unprecedented rate. The diverse community attached to sports such as professional athletes, recreational athletes, sports industry professionals and fans are embracing technology and taking advantage of the benefits it offers. However, the ongoing technological advancements and trends provide huge potential to further develop the sports industry and forums like the Aspire Tech Conference provide the perfect platform to share insights on the various challenges and opportunities new technologies pose and convert them into actions.

Aspire Zone is the proud owner of a unique business portfolio that spans a multitude of diverse sports domains such as athlete development and training, sports science, sports medicine, sports venues and event management. This portfolio provides Aspire Zone with a unique perspective for exploring technology challenges and opportunities holistically and to contribute to the development of the global sports industry. Organizing this conference is testimony to the commitment of Aspire Zone to becoming a leader in global sports.

In addition to the networking opportunities this conference provides, attendees will be able to hear from tech industry professionals, experts and sports industry leaders on how the future of technology in sports is being shaped through a range of thought provoking discussions, engaging in dialogue and sharing innovative ideas.

The next five years leading to 2022 FIFA World CupTM will see Qatar undertake a transformative journey as it adopts new technologies to support major sporting events and its state-of-the-art venues. Globally, sports technology will advance dramatically in the coming years as more is applied to various sports domains. Considering the transformative journey taking place in sport both in Qatar and across the world, and considering the leading role being played by Aspire in global sports, this conference is an event that will drive innovation in sport for years to come.