Global Summit Brief

Global Summit

Global Summit Brief

Aspire Academy is bringing together football experts from all over the world for the fourth consecutive year, for the Aspire Academy Global Summit to discuss issues around ‘Football Performance and Science.’

During the two day event which will be held in London, some of the most influential and international figures in football along with leading members of the scientific community will meet to discuss the challenges and updates of sports training methodology worldwide. Participants from international football clubs and federations will present details of the training methods and approaches they adopt to develop talents in the football industry, identify championship potential and support their players in achieving sporting success.

The Aspire Academy Global Summit constitutes an essential part of the ‘Aspire in the World Fellows’ program which brings together knowledge and expertise from 50 of the world’s leading football clubs, federations and leagues concerning the development of elite youth football players. While the involved clubs work together throughout the year using an online platform, the annual summit gives them the opportunity to meet in person under one roof for deliberations.

Last year’s edition in Amsterdam brought together 150 football and performance experts to address recent developments in the sport and explore the importance of continual improvements and optimization of performance in attaining sporting excellence. In addition, the 2016 Global Summit also launched a new concept – the ‘Master Class’ sessions taught by renowned global speakers.

It has always been a major goal of Aspire Academy to not only create a community like this, but to further develop football in general. In order to achieve that, a new concept was introduced in 2016 called “The Fellows’ Extended Community”. This approach gave each member of the Fellows the opportunity to issue “wild cards” to affiliate clubs that were then welcomed at the summit in Amsterdam. They had the chance to attend presentations and even lectures specifically tailored for them. After the event they also received access to selected areas of the Fellows’ online platform to be able to put the know-how into practice.

Since the future focus of the program is going to be more geared towards practical applications of best practice and the latest research, the 2017 Global Summit in London is going to have a new feature. After establishing a research committee in the past year, the Fellows were encouraged to submit research projects, of which the best chosen by the committee will be presented in London. This initiative is also be the kick-off for the idea that clubs will use the opportunity to collaborate on joint research projects in the future.